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Perfectly Imperfect


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Perfectly Imperfect


About Perfectly Imperfect: Unleashing Your Purpose after Pain Book:

Are there parts of you that you hide from the world? Parts you feel shouldn't be seen, or pretend don't exist? In "Perfectly Imperfect," Shaneé McCambry shares her hidden truths - and encourages you to claim the power of your pain.

Growing up, Shaneé tried very hard to be the perfect daughter. In many respects it appeared she was succeeding. But secretly, she lived with an intense sense of inadequacy and insecurity that grew into self-harm and self-sabotage.

When a personal tragedy pushed her to share her pain on social media, she was shocked by the response. People weren't just supportive of her - they felt supported themselves by hearing that she had gone through pain that mirrored their own.

Shaneé soon realized just how much pain the women around her had been keeping inside and hidden. How many of them felt that their tragedies were their own fault, or that they should have "gotten over" their traumas by now.

She came to believe that with so many people carrying around these scars, it is essential that we talk about them, and examine how the insecurities they create can hold us back in business and in life. With a series of practical exercises to help us step into our power, she asks us to consider the possibility that there is nothing wrong with us - but instead we are perfectly imperfect, just as God made us.

Guided Journal


It’s time to embrace your imperfections. Have you ever felt alone in your struggle? Does changing your life, or speaking up for yourself, feel impossible?

Shaneé McCambry, the author of Perfectly Imperfect, created this journal to help readers through a journey of discovering the strength within their pain. In Perfectly Imperfect, McCambry shares her own trauma and insights from her journey from rock bottom to becoming a business owner, author, and founder of the current women's empowerment conference Women That Win.

In this journal, she seeks to shine a light on your story, inviting reflection, and the reclaiming of your power after invalidating experiences. The questions contained in this journal invite the reader to consciously establish their core values, dismantle limiting beliefs about "how things have to be," and step into their power by viewing their own life stories through a new lens. To help the reader step into their power, to consider the possibility that there is nothing wrong with them - but instead they are perfectly imperfect, just as God made all of us.

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